I Sacrificed My Soul Inbetween My Lands of Nothingness

A film, of celluloid never gave birth from a motherland.
In the nothingness they play, black and white.
No color, color is, a color is just an imagination.

When i am forced to shoot so the cell is rather empty, denial is the first thing on my mind.

So, who said i was dreaming?
Yes the wind blew so i could reach my sacrificed soul, cause i believe that the wind will take me there.
A wind's got soul.

and my soul is a contender of a fight in the land i can't see.
land of nothingness.

A film left itself black and white.
Who would understand, the land we live, is a land of black and white, maybe blue.
But who has seen it?
For a color blind, it's just an imagination.
Imagining that the blood is red, the tear is shed.
Tears remain unseen for those who chose to sacrifice their soul to be loved and black and white Than being hated in the cruel and colorful world.
No blood, no blue sky, just the soul, and dream.
Illuminating a cruel, bloody world, to a shining sun and a blue sky dream.
My land, of nothingness, is my land of dream.

Haekal Adzani